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My best Bitch by Nataly Elisabeth Savina – book presentation

Meine beste Bitch von Nataly Elisabeth Savina – Buchvorstellung Manchmal schaff…

My Best Bitch by Nataly Elisabeth Savina – Book Presentation Sometimes people make you dress like a black hole. Faina has the Abi behind. Finally, away from the dank little town away from the analytical psychiatrist mother who seems to see through everything. Finally to Berlin where everything is so flighty cherry juice-flirty and funky-glittering. The study at the art school can wait. Faina plunges into the big city: freedom nightlife culture and unrestrained love. Because there is Julian. The budding performance artist who is so excitingly different from everything so intense is the Faina. She is in a trance. And then the shock: Julian falls in love with her best friend Nike and reveals her connection. Raging with anger and disappointment, Faina devastates Julian's apartment and wipes out the two most important people in her life. But then an accident happens that puts their relationship under new auspices.